About us

Cape Coaters is a South African owned and registered company.  The current format was established in 2007 through the acquisition by the holding company, African Boomerang Holdings, of Fibermill SA (an industrial weaving company with a 17 year history), Cape Coaters (a coater of synthetic fabrics with a 13 year history) and the PVC coating division of North Safety Products (a company with over 50 years in the industry). Cape Coaters prides itself on being the largest manufacturer and distributor of coated fabrics in Africa, offering the widest range and having access to some of the best industrial base fabric and coating technology.


A number of PVC coating machines are utilised at our production plant in Cape Town, each designed for a specific coating technique.

  • Coating equipment is of European origin
  • Both Dip-Coating and Knife-over-Roll technology are utilised
  • PVC fabric minimum width 1.5m / Maximum width 3.2m
  • PVC fabric mass range 150gsm to 1,300gsm
  • PVC fabric colour range includes 27 core colours, but any shade can be matched
  • Ripcote TM fabric width 1.8m
  • Ripcote TM mass range 260gsm to 500gsm
  • Ripcote TM colour range includes 10 core colours, as well as two-tone fabrics
  • Tent window Mesh also manufactured in 170gsm, available in 3 colours
  • Clear PVC also available in 450gsm and 800gsm
  • Specialised batching equipment allows for the manufacture of jumbo rolls in all weights and widths from 50m to 300m rolls
  • Finishes include both standard matt and gloss, including single or double lacquer coating, and other surface embossing
  • Formulations are developed to meet specific end use requirements


We have distribution and sales branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

  • Our distribution warehouses carry significant stock levels to ensure core products are readily available
  • We offer free delivery to customers within South Africa
  • Our experienced sales staff are equipped to assist with product information and price related enquiries

For quality fabrics from a reliable, affordable supplier, contact us today.